Purchasing and Traceability:

Industria de Alimentos, Têxtil e Traders

Find and track suppliers

Purchasing intelligence and traceability

Increase the success potential of your agricultural product purchasing team by providing information on the production profile of suppliers and prospects in your area of ​​interest

Discover, validate and integrate information and indicators on the map and expand the purchasing potential and traceability of current and potential suppliers. Access the production profile data and location of millions of properties in 100% of the territory.

Create and direct leads and turn prospects into suppliers.

Ideal solution for:

  • Food industry
  • Grain and cotton traders
  • Logistics  companies

Finding, qualifying and tracking suppliers

If you know the type of crop, the history of crops and the location of properties in your area of ​​interest, you will have an understanding of the volume of supply and traceability for all suppliers and potential suppliers in your value chain.

Spatial.Ag  is a company that aims to optimize the agribusiness ecosystem with the intensive use of data and information. To this end, we develop solutions for the main value chains by combining geospatial technologies, artificial intelligence and satellite images.